Tikva’s published paper on promising off-the-shelf CAR T cell therapy targeting B7-H3 positive solid tumors

SINGAPORE – 28 May 2024 – Tikva Allocell scientists publish scientific article in Cancer Research Communications on a promising off-the-shelf CAR T cell therapy targeting B7-H3 positive solid tumors.

Despite the significant advances of CAR T cell therapy in blood cancer treatment, its success in solid tumors remains limited. In this paper, we show that with a nanobody-based CAR, we are able to target multiple B7-H3 positive solid tumor types in vitro and in vivo. B7-H3 protein is overexpressed in many human solid tumors relative to healthy tissues. With the CAR construct expressed on Epstein Barr Virus-specific T cells (EBVSTs) as universal donor T cells, treatment can be administered off-the-shelf. EBVST T cell receptor repertoires are predominantly EBV-focused and narrower in diversity than CD3-activated T cells, and thus harbor a reduced potential for alloreactivity.  

In the present study, we demonstrate the high efficacy of B7H3.CAR EBVSTs in various solid tumor models and in two patient-derived xenograft models. Additionally, B7H3.CAR EBVSTs are associated with minimal treatment-induced cytokine release syndrome and may even be equipped to counter the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment by targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cells, which also express B7-H3.

Lindsay KUA, PhD


Lindsay Kua is a senior research scientist at Tikva Allocell. Over the course of her scientific career, she has worked with academics, clinicians, and industry partners both locally in Singapore and abroad on projects spanning the gut microbiome, intestinal immunology, and the tumour microenvironment.

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