BioCon Asia 2023 Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy (ACGT) Conference

Our CEO and co-founder Ivan D. Horak presented about Tikva Allocell, its vision and our core technologies and platforms. He also gave an overview of the clinical landscape and trends in Singapore.

We are delighted to be invited to attend the BioCon Asia 2023 Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy (ACGT) Conference held at Sofitel in Singapore on the 12th to 13th October. At ACGT, industry experts from the field of Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) presented and exchanged latest developments and breakthroughs. This year, there are speakers from more than 30 industry luminaries, which is a reflection of the budding CGT ecosystem in Singapore. 

Our CEO, Dr Ivan D. Horak gave a survey on the clinical landscape of Singapore and its huge potential to develop into a regional hub for biomedical clinical research. Singapore’s well-established infrastructure comprising of the innovative research community, world-class hospital system and progressive regulatory framework, allow biotech to efficiently develop cutting-edge therapies that benefit patients. Dr Horak explained how Tikva leverages these advantages and outlined Tikva’s ALLO EBVST platform’s unique edge at addressing some of the problems plaguing cell and gene therapies such as lack of persistence and potential of allogeneic rejections. The enthusiastic and lively discussion on Tikva’s technologies and pipeline is a testament of excitement surrounding cell and gene therapies as well as Singapore’s readiness for innovative technologies. 

As an industry veteran, Dr Horak also shared his career experience and advice while engaging junior scientists in the audience. He mentioned the importance of the partnership between academic and industry and encourages junior scientists to explore both sectors.

Pei Yun TEO, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Pei Yun has extensive experience in research and development in the field of CGT.

Jinkai TEO, MSc

Principal Data Scientist

Jinkai brings more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry spanning from the bench as a translational scientist at Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) and managing analytics on CMC related activities (analytical development, DoE and QoD) at Tessa Therapeutics.

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