Inspire hope today for
a better world tomorrow

Tikva Allocell is focused on creating therapy using our proprietary IP protected platform to drive the next breakthrough in cancer therapy.
At Tikva Allocell we inspire hope today, for a better tomorrow.

Cell therapy company focused on a Second Generation Allogeneic EBV-Specific T cell (ALLO EBVST) platform to target difficult-to-treat cancers.

We develop safe, effective, affordable T cell therapies.

At Tikva Allocell, our mission is to develop safe, effective, readily available and affordable “off-the-shelf” T cell therapies by leveraging excellent safety profile of ALLO EBVST and proprietary technologies that enhance the T cell's performance to treat cancer.

Diverse Strategies
One Goal


Allogeneic EBVST

Well tolerated and able to be enhanced with novel strategies to improve efficacy, persistence and safety.


Solid Tumor Target

Focused on unmet medical need which has the greatest potential to benefit from novel CAR-T technology.


Oncolytic Virus

Enhanced tumor killing through modification of tumor microenvironment to further improve T cell efficacy.

Meet our team

Dr Ivan Horak
Founder & CEO
Dr Malcolm Brenner
Dr Cliona Rooney
Dr Helen Heslop
Craig Ari Loren
Co-Founder & COO

From discovery
to the clinic

Scientific Innovation

Process Development & Analytical Science

Clinical & Regulatory Expertise